Terms and Conditions for Website Creation for CIT Enrolled Students


These Terms and Conditions govern the website creation proposal offered by Desvert, a design agency affiliated with Creative IT (CIT) institution, exclusively for CIT enrolled students at the special rate of 5000tk. Prior to availing of this offer, students must acknowledge and adhere to the following terms:


1. Payment and Code Issuance:

  • To initiate the website creation process, CIT enrolled students must make the required payment at the Quality team.
  • Upon payment, students will receive a unique code that is essential for further proceedings.


2. Website Selection:

  • Students have the privilege to choose their website design from the provided demo website collection.


3. Registration Process:

  • Using the provided code, CIT enrolled students must complete the registration process, furnishing the necessary information on the designated URL.


4. Communication and Domain Selection:

  • The Desvert team will initiate communication with students to gather additional information and preferences.
  • Should the chosen domain be available, Desvert will confirm it with the student.


5. Website Completion Timeline:

  • A 3-month timeline is allocated for website completion. Students can anticipate a fully functional website at the end of this period.


6. Ongoing Support:

  • Throughout the entire process, Desvert remains accessible to CIT enrolled students for addressing inquiries or concerns.


7. WordPress Hosting:

  • Desvert will provide WordPress hosting services for the websites. No C-panel will be provided for safety.


8. Admin Panel Access:

  • Students will be granted access to an admin panel, enabling them to customise their websites securely.


9. Content Submission:

  • CIT enrolled students must submit their portfolio content in a Word document, which will be incorporated into their respective websites.


10. Website Structure & Pricing Option:

  • CIT enrolled students can avail of a personal portfolio website with an integrated blog section at the cost of 5,000 tk. 
  • Should students desire to create a company website consisting of up to 5 pages, an additional cost of 3,000 tk will apply.


11. Training Seminar:

  • Upon successful website completion, Desvert will conduct a comprehensive training seminar to guide students in managing their websites effectively.


12. Problem Resolution:

  • Should any issues arise concerning the website, CIT enrolled students can expect full support from Desvert.


13. Renewal Fee:

  • Domain + Hosting + SSL free for first year only.
  • An annual renewal fee of 4500 tk is applicable, covering domain, hosting, and SSL renewal.
  • You will get ongoing support for next year renewal.


14. Registration Access:

  • CIT enrolled students gain access to the unique registration code by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.


By proceeding with the website creation process under these Terms and Conditions, CIT enrolled students acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of these guidelines. Desvert is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and supported website creation experience for all eligible students.


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