Website Creation Terms for Clients



1. What is the purpose of this website?

  • This website is designed specifically for students to create their online portfolios. It allows students to showcase their skills, projects, and achievements to potential employers and educational institutions.


2. How can a portfolio website benefit students?

  • A portfolio website provides students with a professional online presence, helping them stand out in the competitive job market or during college applications.
  • It serves as a digital resume, showcasing their work, skills, and accomplishments 24/7.
  • It allows students to take control of their personal brand and online identity.


3. Why should students consider purchasing this website from Desvert?

  • Desvert offers a user-friendly and easy-to-control website platform tailored to students’ needs.
  • Our platform comes with pre-designed templates and customizable features, making it accessible for students without web development experience.
  • DesVert provides affordable and budget-friendly options for students.
  • DesVert will provide ongoing support.


4. How can students make the most of this portfolio website?

  • Students can upload their resume, projects, photos, and other relevant content to showcase their skills and experiences.
  • They can include links to their social media profiles and professional networks to expand their online presence.
  • Regularly updating their portfolio with new achievements and projects will keep it relevant and appealing to potential employers and institutions.


5. Can students personalize their portfolio website?

  • Yes, students can customize the website with their own domain name, logo, color scheme, and content. This allows them to create a unique online identity that represents their personality and career goals.


6. Is technical expertise required to manage this website?

  • No, DesVert’s platform is designed to be user-friendly, and no technical expertise is necessary. Students can easily update and maintain their portfolio with a simple, intuitive interface.


7. Are there any additional resources or support for students using this platform?

  • DesVert provides comprehensive support and resources, including tutorials, FAQs, and customer support, to ensure students have a smooth experience using our portfolio website platform.


8. Can students access their portfolio on mobile devices?

  • Yes, the portfolio websites created through Desvert are fully responsive, meaning they adapt to different screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets. This ensures that students can showcase their work to potential employers or institutions on any device.


9. What is the cost of Desvert’s portfolio website services for students?

  • Pricing varies based on the selected plan and features. Desvert offers competitive pricing options to accommodate students’ budgets, ensuring affordability while providing a high-quality portfolio website solution.


11. Will there be an extra cost if I want a specific domain name?

  • If your preferred domain name is available for $10 or less, Desvert will provide it to you at no extra charge.
  • However, if your desired domain name costs more than $10, there may be an additional cost.
  • Desvert can also suggest alternative domain names if needed to help you stay within budget and maintain your online identity.


12. Will making a company website cost more than 5000tk for students?

  • The cost may vary based on the complexity and features required.
  • Additional charges may apply if the company website has multiple features or extensive customization needs.
  • Desvert will provide a customized quote to ensure cost transparency and affordability based on the specific project requirements.



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